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kv.family.eagles.gameKaren with her children and grandchildren, December 2010, on the field at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Philadelphia Eagles one and only national championship in 1960.

Her father, Norm Van Brocklin, was the Eagles’ quarterback and the National Championship’s MVP.

The quintessential soul of art in any form is the artist conceives, nurtures and then dares to let go. After all, Karen believes, a piece of art, including memoir, has a life of its own.

As she wrote Afterglow, it occurred to her that the very process of grieving and writing about it could be simplified into three different stages:  remembering, reclaiming and restoring.

Afterglow is about remembering…and remembering is bittersweet, but memories are the substance that must sustain.

In Obsidian Rose, she continues to explore memories, but she begins to experience a new life with the demands and challenges of raising a puppy. Siddie, her faithful companion, became her muse. Over five years, they have faced adversity and embrace each day as it comes.

As she begins to transition to a new place, slowly—very slowly—she senses that as she reclaims a life for herself, she will be restoring an as yet unknown life; she feels a future ahead of her.

As she and Siddie make the move to Oregon, she trusts the past will lift and guide her in the present.  She envisions she will write about this restoration in the final installment of the trilogy, tentatively titled Salmon Songs.  First, she’s going to write another memoir, a love story about the courtship of her parents, Gloria and Norm Van Brocklin, incorporating their letters to one another while attending the University of Oregon as World War II raged in Europe and Japan.