Remembering A Life Well Lived

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“A marriage made in heaven, this couple gives real meaning to the phrase ‘in sickness and health.’ Not only is Afterglow a beautiful love story, it is a story of coping with the pain and grief which comes with the loss of a soul mate.”

~Barbara Gray Armstrong, author of Honoring My Journey

3.kv.Afterglow.cover - Copy
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Karen wrote Afterglow because she had to.

After losing her beloved husband, Bill, she feels as if she was going to implode from the sheer weight of grief she carried in her heart, the memories of a happy life too painful to bear.

She misses Bill’s counsel terribly, she misses sharing her daily experiences with him, and she misses his presence. She decides each Monday night, the day of the week he passed away, to sit down and write a letter to him. It’s one way to honor a wonderful man.

Karen realizes her children probably didn’t know some of these stories. It seems sad they wouldn’t know this part of their history…and now their children’s history. So, she decides to remember, write, and publish.

Her memoir is more than a remembrance of the life she and Bill shared for over 41 years. Woven into the fabric of her stories are handwritten poems, affirmations, and family photos, all a testimony to a life fully lived. She celebrates the life that was “us,” alongside her devastating personal journey dealing with the loss of her dear husband.

We all face grief in our lifetime. Afterglow is her journey.

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