Obsidian Rose

kv.obsidian.coverNot since Marley and Me has a dog story so touched my heart and reminded me of the power our animal friends have to help us heal.

~Zoe Hicks, inspirational writer and speaker


For Karen, writing is a compulsion.  She has to write.

Like writing, she grew to understand how grieving is a process too, an ongoing part of life.  She realized you don’t get over a loss, you move through it.  Still, unsure of what is on the other side of the door or the tunnel or the woods, she knew there was more life to experience.

She continued to confront the ebb and flow of grief amongst both life’s daily challenges and its gifts, like the births of more grandchildren.  From this place, she began a new journey, determined to bolster her spirit, this time with Obsidian Rose—Siddie, a new black lab puppy—to help transition to a new place, one of reclaiming a life…and building upon it.


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