Karen Speaks with Rodger Nichols on Cover to Cover Book Beat

Aug 1, 2023

Newlyweds Gloria and Stub standing at their trailer in married housing, a.k.a. Poverty Alley, University of Oregon, 1947.

Rodger Nichols, a longtime newspaper news editor and radio station news director, has interviewed over 800 authors from local to international fame.  On his show “Cover to Cover Book Beat,” he recently interviewed Karen, calling The Dutchman and Portland’s Finest Rose “a tale that will draw you in and enrich your life.”  He gives this book his highest recommendation.

Nichols, who attended the University of Oregon, was impressed  by the author’s “ability to create entire scenes with dialogue that feel real and natural (from) times that happened before (she was) born.”

From his voluminous notes, he asks questions and shares his favorite lines.  The interaction brought up some wonderful surprises for the author.

He shared, “(This is) a wonderful book, and I will say that it’s not nearly as much about football as people might expect.  Football is there…but this is very much a love story.”

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